MBC4YOU Center In The Philippines

MBC4YOU is a micro-enterprise training and advisory center for the poor in the Philippines. It helps them to generate their own income to meet the basic necessities of life. It trains them how to start a stable business, and contributes to this through the available professional skills and tools. MBC4YOU coaches the starting entrepreneurs for a maximum period of two years. Where possible, the company will grow and thereby create jobs for other people. MBC4You strives to cooperate with other organizations.

The training & coaching

MBC4YOU has its center in the middle of the Payatas slum. The students come through personal contacts, through churches and other organizations such as CCT. The package of study material used by MBC4YOU is suitable for the poor. Each of them is helped to put together a solid business plan. This way of working not only changes the financial outlook for a family, but also for the community.


MBC4YOU trains trainers and coaches for the communities where MBC works, but also for organizations that want to use this method for the people they work with. A complete package of study materials and study methods is available for this purpose. Through our training method, we also aim to train new entrepreneurs to become trainers and coaches for the future, so that the work can be iterated with a minimum of costs.


Where possible, MBC4YOU will collaborate with other organizations, leveraging each other’s capabilities to help the poor. Examples of this are:

  • Centre for Community Transformations (CCT) – The project with CCT helps the new entrepreneurs finance their business through savings and borrowing. CCT has 25 years of experience in this work. Their contacts, experience and activities will stimulate new business start-ups.
  • MTCE/PLTM: training of the Mangyan people in the mountains, with the aim of making PLTM a stable self-contained center that can help the farmers in the mountains with business training and create stable companies with a larger and stable market.
  • MBC4YOU has started projects with ABCCOP, CCF, GCF, Compassion, Good Neighbors and other organizations or churches working in the slums.
  • Projects have been started with PhilRads to rebuild companies in disaster areas hit by a typhoon.
  • International aid organizations are interested in applying the MBC training and coaching method in their field. Examples are Dorcas, CBM, Good Neighbors en andere.

Financing of the various projects

MBC4YOU’s goal is for businesses started by the poor to be self-sufficient. But these small businesses often don’t generate enough revenue to fund the costs of training and coaching. The financial resources are therefore often a combination of the participants’ own contribution, of projects together with the partners, and a supplement by funds or individual donors.