What does MBC

From Business to Business Training Center

MBC Foundation (MBC) is a Center of Excellence for local organizations interested in promoting and supporting the economic development of poor and vulnerable target groups. MBC helps these local organizations to set up their own Business Training Center, which trains underprivileged people to provide for themselves by setting up their micro-businesses.

MBC enables these partners to create this center for their own workfield, by using the MBC training & coaching method and materials. During a period of 2 years, MBC will work together with the local organization, resulting in a self-contained Business Training Center, with its own local trainers and coaches. This center will train potential entrepreneurs to start their own businesses and will coach them to create healthy businesses.

During this period, MBC will support the process, address any local issues and, if necessary, adapt the method and materials to fit the local context, population and culture. MBC’s support will be more intensive in the beginning and will be gradually phased out towards the end of this period. After 2 years of training, evaluation and coaching, the local Business Training Center is itself able to multiply business development in the local context.

3 Steps to an independently functioning Business Training Center

The Business Model

Phase 1: The local team understands the business model and MBC training. A number of viable businesses can start, and are supported by the locally trained coaches.

The Business Training….

Equip Trainers

Phase 2: The trainers followed the Training of Trainers and can now train potential entrepreneurs themselves. The business plans are evaluated and the next group of companies can start.

Training of Trainers

Your Business Center

Phase 3: A local Business Training Center has been set up and uses the MBC method to train entrepreneurs and start small businesses in and around the area where they work.

The Center ….