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MBC can use your help in different ways. View the options here. We are happy to work with you.

Partnership with MBC

Would you like to contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty and to give socially disadvantaged people a new perspective for the future? MBC aims to set up a network of partners who are committed to projects in countries where this help is so badly needed. Together with your team or organisation, MBC can create new opportunities for micro-businesses in the area where you working and want to create a new future for people in need.

Partnership with MBC

Financial Support

MBC has developed an approach to combate poverty by creating small businesses (micro-business), started by local entrepreneurs who have followed the GYB- and SYB training. With your donation, a world opens up for them and new opportunities are created for their family, for the local communities and the country. Especially in those places where there is insufficient financial capacity to get out of poverty.

Financial support

Become a Volunteer

MBC is committed to equip (local) organisations to establish centers where underprivileged people are taught and guided to start their own businesses, to generate a sustainable and steady income for themselves and their families and the community. Due to the growth in the number of projects, we are looking for volunteers who want to dedicate themselves to this work for at least 1 half day per week (or more).

Become a volunteer