Tajiksitan is a mountainous country, has an agricultural society where most people live in rural or isolated areas and has limited infrastructure. The country has been independent for 30 years since the breakup of the USSR, along with a very destructive civil war. Since then, it has struggled to achieve economic independence, receiving a great deal of international and humanitarian aid in the process.

Social and economical situation

The result of all this aid over the years is that the economy is heavily dependent on foreign aid and money transferred from Tajik people working in Russia. Labor migration to Russia has long been the pattern for economic survival. Yet it has a negative social impact on families, and given the current economic conditions in Russia, it is also no longer viable: the income that a worker in Russia can earn is no longer enough to support a family at home. Moreover, dependence on foreign aid and income from abroad is not sustainable and therefore Tajikistan must focus on internal development if it is to overcome poverty and its negative social consequences.

There is a lot of oppression, discrimination and isolation of vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities.

Business in Tajikistan

Agriculture is the main economic sector in Tajikistan. In addition, trade plays an important role, because the investment is low. Knowledge about the market, prices and innovation is very limited. It is difficult for small businesses to obtain loans (1.5 – 2% interest per month). Despite this, the number of SMEs is growing rapidly and they play an important role in economic development.

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  • TBDG in Tajikistan

    TBDG in Tajikistan

    The Tajikistan Business Development Group (TBDG) is an association of leaders committed to developing real human flourishing in Tajikistan, through transforming businesses. The TBDG believes that Tajikistan can achieve true independence through the development of sustainable, profitable businesses committed to the social, environmental and spiritual needs of the people. Successful entrepreneurs TBDG is established to…

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