Your Business Training Center

Finishing phase

After participating in Phase 1 (starting small businesses) and Phase 2 (training of trainers), MBC helps you in the final phase to evaluate the business plans yourself – Phase 3. MBC will also support you in creating your own Business Training Center, with the possibility to expand the MBC program in your country. With your staff of at least 3 people, you are now able to train a group of potential entrepreneurs, to evaluate their business plans and to start the businesses and coach them for a period of 2 years in the proper functioning of their business. This creates new opportunities for the country and the local communities where you are working.

The MBC training & coaching package

Due to the 7 years of experience in the Philippines, MBC has developed a complete package of material that you can use for all parts of this process: the Business in a Box. This contains all the material needed for the potential entrepreneurs, but also for the trainers, the coaches, and for evaluating the business plans. An accounting system has also been developed that enables you to analyze to what extent the practice corresponds to expectations and when adjustments need to be made.

Become part of our global team

As a partner of MBC, we would like to support you where necessary. But also through feedback from the field, we can learn from practice, optimize the material and adapt it increasingly better to the different cultures. As partners, we can learn from each other and you will remain involved in new developments.