Georgia is a country in the South Caucasus with an area of 69,700 kmĀ² and 3.7 million inhabitants, located on the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The country borders Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the Black Sea. The capital is Tbilisi. Georgia offers shelter to refugees from Iran, among other things.

Reception of refugees

The country of Georgia is so far open to people who have been marginalized in their homeland and have become religious refugees in neighboring countries. Part of these refugees come from the Persian Gulf, defined as the countries with a Farsi speaking population. It includes Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan. The refugees from Iran in particular have been severely affected by war, have fled and live in poverty, or have been used in human trafficking. This has led many young people to lose hope and often seek refuge in the West.

The organization CIC has developed a strategy to deal with these political and economic challenges. It is an organization founded and led by an Iranian who has developed a unique Business as Mission approach to reaching the Persian Gulf.

Roadside busienss

Micro-business In Iran

Georgia: According to the World Bank, 21.3% of Georgia lives below the nationally defined poverty line (2020).

Iran: In some parts of Iran, youth unemployment is 50% to 63%. 40.5% of the unemployed have a university degree. 63% to 75% of the total working population earn their income from informal labour. Many people in the slums suffer from depression. Corruption, prostitution, drugs and gambling play an important role in society. 94% of businesses are Micro-businesses.

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  • CIC in Georgia

    CIC in Georgia

    Reception of Iranian refugees in Georgia CIC has developed a strategy to deal with the political and economic challenges in the Persian Gulf from their center in Georgia. The organization was founded and is led by an Iranian who has developed a unique Business as Mission approach. CIC is committed to nurturing self-sufficient, bi-vocational, national…

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