CIC in Georgia

Reception of Iranian refugees in Georgia

CIC has developed a strategy to deal with the political and economic challenges in the Persian Gulf from their center in Georgia. The organization was founded and is led by an Iranian who has developed a unique Business as Mission approach. CIC is committed to nurturing self-sufficient, bi-vocational, national leaders who are equipped to become entrepreneurs. The goal is that they will thereby be able to start and operate businesses that are self-sustaining and add value to the economic and spiritual transformation of the communities in their homeland that they can serve in the future.

Het Business Training Centrum

CIC wishes to establish a business incubator as part of their center by adopting the MBC program and leveraging the experience and proven programs of the MBC foundation. In this way, the formation of successful bi-vocational leaders is accelerated.

The plan is to implement this partnership in three phases over a two-year period:

  • Phase 1: Capacity development: the development of trainers and coaches who can run the program and translate the materials into Farsi;
  • Phase 2: Business Incubation: Apply the program by starting and developing new businesses in Georgia;
  • Phase 3: Expanding the program: Developing strategies to expand the MBC training & coaching program to the rest of the Persian world (long term)

Long Term Expectations

The aim is to equip the citizens of other countries in the Persian Gulf through the CIC/MBC partnership to bring changes in their own countries, thereby creating hope and a vision for the future.