Egypt is more than 24 times the size of the Netherlands. Because of the deserts, most of the country is sparsely populated. More than three-quarters of the inhabitants live in the Nile Valley. One of Egypt’s major challenges is population growth. The economy is not growing fast enough to absorb the influx of young people into the labor market, and poverty is increasing as a result.

Social and economic situation

In addition to income from tourism, the Egyptian economy mainly depends on agriculture, but due to the climate there is little fertile agricultural land. Moreover, the government is unable to structurally tackle problems. The number of people in Egypt facing social and economic inequality is huge. The differences between rich and poor are large, as are the differences between men’s and women’s rights.

There is a lot of oppression, discrimination and isolation of vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities *)

*) copy Dorcas Nederland

Micro-business In Egypte

In Egypt 40% of the people lives below the poverty line. In the coming years, 600,000 new jobs should be created due to the exponential growth of the population. 90% of the work is done by micro-enterprises.

Partner(s) in Egypt

  • Life Vision in Egypt

    Life Vision in Egypt

    Life Vision and the MBC Foundation have the common goal of looking for opportunities to stimulate the underprivileged groups in the country and to enable them to set up their own micro-enterprises in order to meet their daily needs. Where possible, this can grow into larger companies or Livelihood centers that can provide work for…

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