Vision And Mission


End poverty in the world by empowering people on a local scale to provide for their own livelihood. Making people aware of their potential and capabilities, and how they can use this to create opportunities for themselves and others.


To offer socially disadvantaged people an economic perspective, by training them as starting entrepreneurs and by coaching them in starting their businesses.

About the MBC Foundation

The MBC Foundation was founded in an organic way, as a follow-up to the development work in the Philippines. The areas where we work are characterized by a lack of future prospects for part of the population. The MBC Foundation creates opportunities, through cooperation with local organizations, to offer underprivileged people training and coaching that gives them new opportunities. It helps them to provide for their own livelihood, and thereby also contribute to the economic development of the local environment and the country.

Local and Clear

MBC has a unique approach by equipping local working groups and organizations to promote the local economy. MBC applies clear rules, proven structures, and clear principles and guidelines.

By working together with the local population, in a language known to them, and by keeping the work area clear, MBC offers a lot of clarity. This local initiative makes the approach less sensitive to global (economic) developments, which promotes continuity.

Integrity and Sustainability

Employees, trainers of MBC and its partner organizations are people who are committed to helping their fellow human beings, without a profit motive. They have no double agenda and are not focused on their own profit, influence, power, prestige or honor.

MBC has a financially transparent policy. MBC strives to teach local organizations how to set up a business training center and how the small businesses that have been created can continue to exist in a sustainable way.