Our Tools

MBC has developed a package of tools for all parts of the process. This contains everything needed for the potential entrepreneurs, for the trainers, the coaches, and for the evaluation of the business plans. An accounting system has also been developed that enables the coach to analyze to what extent the practice corresponds to expectations and when adjustments need to be made..

MBC Training And Coaching Package

Basic Training for business

  • Generate your Business Idea training: GYB workbook
  • Start your Business training:  SYB workbook, Business plan concept workbook
  • Business Ideas: Handbook with 32 business models

Evaluation of Business plans

  • Software for the evaluation of the Business Plans.
  • Business plan interviewer: workbook
  • Business plan evaluator:  workbook

Coaching of the business

  • Coaches Training: workbook

For the trainers

  • GYB Trainers Manual, PowerPoint material, Resources
  • SYB Trainers Manual, PowerPoint material, Resources
  • Coaches training Manual
All the material in different languages

Administration and Evaluation of the business

A simple accounting system has been developed for the starting (or running) busiinesses. This accounting application on the mobile phone, together with the corresponding web application, enables the coach to analyze the status of the company and to adjust his advice accordingly. The following principles were used for the development of this package:

  • The entrepreneur has no knowledge and experience with accounting, but is aware of the business model as taught in the SYB training;
  • There is not always an internet connection available;
  • The entrepreneur generally does not have a computer at his disposal, but can use a mobile phone.

Tools for running and coaching the businesses:

  • Mobile application for accounting
  • Web application for analysis and coaching of the company

Evaluation of the Business plan

Before starting a business, the entrepreneur must first make a business plan. The concept of this is the result of the SYB training. Through the personal contact between the entrepreneur and the advisor, they find out whether the business they have in mind has a good chance of success and can create a stable income for the entrepreneur and his staff.

For the evaluation of the concept, the software developed for this purpose is used, which checks possible errors and shows where the bottlenecks are. As the end result, this generates the definitive business plan, as a basis for financing, and as a handbook for the entrepreneur and his coach.