Training of Trainers

Local groups often look for ways to provide practical support to people in need, with the aim of providing structural assistance that equips these people to build a sustainable and resilient livelihood. Usually, however, the specific skills and knowledge to provide this support are lacking. By providing these groups with professional training in Business Development, they can initiate positive change in the community and, in some cases, also earn an income as a trainer. At the same time, they can provide poor and vulnerable people with a viable alternative in their current situation by using these tools and methods to teach them how to set up profitable businesses.

Become a trainer

The MBC training of trainers requires sufficient knowledge of how a business functions and what opportunities there are in the relevant country (that is a result of the GYB and SYB training followed by the trainers). The Training of Trainers (TOT) is combined with additional training in the field. MBC also trains Coaches (TOC) to help the starting entrepreneurs to put into practice what they learned. MBC will guide these new trainers and coaches.

The MBC training & coaching package

Due to the 7 years of experience in the Philippines, MBC has developed a complete package of material that is used for all parts of this process: the Business in a Box. This contains all the material for potential entrepreneurs: the Generate Your Business Idea training (GYB) and the Start Your Business training (SYB). The result is a business plan concepts, which after the evaluation is used as a manual for the starting companies. In addition, the package contains the materials necessary for the training of trainers, of coaches, and for the evaluation of business plans. An accounting system has also been developed that enables the coach to analyze to what extent the practice corresponds to expectations and when adjustments need to be made.

Become part of our global team

As a partner of MBC, we would like to support you where necessary. But also through feedback from the field, we can learn from practice, optimize the material and adapt it increasingly better to the different cultures. As partners, we can learn from each other and you will remain involved in new developments.