MBC helps local organizations to set up a Business Training Centers for Poverty Reduction

The MBC Foundation is committed to poverty reduction by creating (micro-)businesses. It trains local organizations to create a Business Training Center, to teach people in poverty the basic entrepreneurial skills, to support them in starting-up their small businesses and in coaching these entrepreneurs. The goal is that these small businesses generate a stable income for the new entrepreneur and his/her family, so that it improves their economic standard of living. MBC also supports the local Business Training Center for a period of 2 years, to be able to apply the MBC method in their workfield.

What is Poverty?

Poverty is a problem that needs to be addressed urgently, because of its detrimental impact on human well-being. People in poverty lack food, safe shelter, clean water and adequate education. Typically, areas of poverty are characterized by low literacy rates, high infant and maternal mortality rates, high unemployment, and a sense of vulnerability and powerlessness.

Poverty reduction can be tackled by income generation, stimulating economic growth and increasing employment. The creation of micro-businesses is an essential link in this economic stimulus; in many developing countries more than 95% of businesses are micro-enterprises.

Many businesses are doomed to fail

Although business development is seen as a potential alternative to current activities, most people lack the skills and knowledge to build successful businesses. Often there is an overrepresentation of small shops and food stalls, selling essentially the same products. Competition is fierce and profit margins are very low. A large part of the profit is not reinvested in the business, but is used for immediate household needs. In addition, entrepreneurs usually have no control over the money flow: business and personal expenses are mostly not separated and personal administration systems are missing. Most of them do not know the profit margin of the products they sell. Sometimes the costs of some items are even higher than the selling price, without them knowing it.

Innovating, stimulating entrepreneurship, improving the production process and aligning it with the local market, prevents so many start-up micro-companies from falling over.

Family Business

Micro-business as develop-ment work

Many small businesses are doomed to failure due to a lack of knowledge and experiance. The MBC Foundation creates opportunities, through cooperation with local organizations, to offer underprivileged people a business training and coaching, which provides new perspectives and development opportunities. It creates opportunities to provide for their own livelihood, and thereby also contribute to the economic development of the community and the country.

Business training- and coaching

Micro Business training in General Santos

What is MBC doing

MBC is the Center of Excellence for local organizations interested in promoting and supporting economic development among poor and vulnerable target groups. MBC enables these local organizations to set up a Business Training Center with the aim of training marginalized people to start their own income-generating micro-enterprises. The goal of MBC International is to enable the partners to create such a center for their own workfield, by using the MBC training & coaching method and materials.

How can we help you

Partnering with Good Neighbors in the Philipppines


Would you like to participate in breaking the cycle of poverty and to give socially disadvantaged people a new perspective for the future? Does your organisations lack the experience and skills to shape this in a way that fits within the relevant culture? Together with your team or organisation, MBC can create new opportunities for micro-businesses in the area where you are operating. But MBC can also help you to set up your own Business Training Center, where you can use the method, material and expertise of MBC.

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Is the MBC Method something for you or your organization?

MBC can equip you and your organization to break the cycle of poverty for people in need. Also if this approach appeal to you and you are interested to contribute to this work….