Good Neighbors – Project For Local And International

Good Neighbors (GN) and MBC4YOU concluded that the MBC method of training and coaching the underprivileged for income generation can increase the success of GN’s income generation centers. It can also create the opportunity for individuals to start their own businesses. The project therefore focuses on training a team of employees from GN’s Income Generation group. And as a follow-up, the training of additional employees and clients of GN.

The project proposal

MBC is proposed to provide the following services:

  • A pilot training program for a cohort of 25 GN employees: the office staff in Manila together with the 13 leaders of the various income generating centers in the Philippines. This part is seen as a pilot project.
  • A second step is staff training within the revenue generation projects. This is combined with training of coaches so that GN can coach and support starting entrepreneurs.
  • Here after, clients will be trained in the fields where GN is active. This is combined with training by trainers, so that GN can adopt the working method after a period of support and coaching by MBC.

The first part is seen as a pilot project, to evaluate MBC4YOU’s way of working, with in mind a broader long-term partnership between MBC4YOU and the GN

Long term expectation

The idea behind this three- or four-year program is for GN staff to become familiar with Business as a development work.  trained and equipped to deliver the MBC program to its client base in the Philippines and other locations where GN operates.