CBM – Project Trainers For Payatas

The project has a duration of 2 years and aims to train 14 pastors of the small and poor churches in Payatas, one of the largest slums of Manila, as business development trainers. They will be trained in providing the training courses developed by the MBC foundation. The training takes into account the specific situation and challenges faced by extremely vulnerable and marginalized people. It goes through a process with them that significantly increases the chance of setting up a viable and successful business..

The local partner IShepherd

The project is being run in partnership with IShepherd, a local, non-profit organization that trains pastors for churches in Payatas. IShepherd would like to see a broader package of training in relation to the holistic approach. They want to do this by educating pastors about spiritual and practical aspects of life, thereby helping the members of these churches. Business training and coaching for motivated and potential entrepreneurs can be part of their holistic approach and take the lives of the poor to the next level..

Equipment and commitment of the Trainers

Tthe project wants to achieve:

  • 14 Pastors become experts in the “Start Your Business” approach, giving them the opportunity to generate income for themselves and their families.
  • The pastors can commit for the training of poor and marginalized people in Visayas, Cebu and Mindanao, enabling them to set up profitable businesses to lift them out of poverty.
  • In future projects aimed at business development in Payatas, the place where the pastors work on a daily basis, they can participate in setting up these trainings and coaching small businesses for the people in their immediate living environment.