TBDG – Project Business Center

TBDG’s long-term goal is to formally establish a Business Training Center to train their clients in Business Development and help them set up and run a business. To that end, TBDG will take over the MBC program and benefit from MBC’s experience and proven method.

The Project Plan

The total plan consists of a 2-year program to become familiar with the MBC method and materials. The implementation of this partnership will take place in two phases:

  • Phase 1 – business development: training of a group of (new) entrepreneurs for the TBDG companies. The result will be a set of complete business plans to start the new businesses TBDG has in mind. Future trainers, coaches and assessors, who may lead the MBC program in the future, will also participate.
  • Phase 2 – Creating the Business Training Center: MBC will assist TBDG in establishing their own Business Training Center that equips people to develop and start a new business in Tajikistan. This will be done through a Training of Trainers, Training of Coaches and a Training of Business Plan Advisers. This training of trainers is combined with practical experience in the field, under the guidance of MBC.

Long Term

As a final result, the Business Training Center can expand its working area to other areas of Tajikistan. Through this TBDG/MBC partnership, we will together equip the local population and refugees in Tajikistan to give them new hope and a vision for the future. So that it also has a positive influence on the economic situation in the country.

Status of the project

The team of potential trainers, coaches and entrepreneurs has completed the GYB and SYB training. 5 business plans are being evaluated and it is expected that these companies can be started in April 2023. Some companies have already started earlier, but will incorporate the results of the training into their business operations.